eGUTS training materials were developed to support policy makers with eMobility Local Action Plan development. The main purpose of these training materials is to enhance capabilities and competencies of policy makers to deal with eMobility issues, to understand eMobility requirements and restraints in order to prepare realistic and feasible action plans.

The training materials provide essential insight into issues related to different aspects of eMobility in urban areas through following six modules:

  1. Local action plan
  2. Public charging infrastructure
  3. Public transport – eBuses in public transport
  4. Electric vehicles in municipal fleets
  5. eRental – eStations and eStock
  6. Other measures

Project eGUTS strives to exploit potentials of e-mobility in eight Danube cities, regions and beyond. To do so, the existing network of 22 partners will develop innovative eGUTS Standards for cities supporting e-mobility, based on combined Feasibility Studies will elaborate and realize Local Action Plans for deploying them, develop and test the eGUTS APP smart tool, implement various Pilot Actions in the fields of road preference and parking policies, charging stations, rental spots, and more.